Veterinary physiotherapy; a requirement for degenerative problems like arthritis, rehabilitation after an injury or as preparation for that vital performance!

We expect physiotherapy on the NHS, so why accept anything less for our beloved pets. Physiotherapy ought to be a routine part of our pets healthcare, which is what I aim to achieve.


Vet physio is mainly utilised for our dogs, but I have also treated other small animals, such as cats and rabbits. It is great for a number of different problems, from post op cruciate surgery to maximising agility performance. If your dog has recently had surgery, for example a cruciate repair in the knee, or a hip replacement, physiotherapy is a vital part of the post-op care, to ensure the leg is getting used properly again as quickly as possible. 


Loss of function in canine athletes can be a sign of something that just isn't quite right. Physio can localise the problem area and target it specifically to get your pet back up to peak performance.


Look under the services tab to see more details about what you can expect from physio for your pet. There are also details of the hydrotherapy centre I work with, another vital component to canine rehabilitation.


I have developed canine factsheets full of advice for some common problems describing the importance of some simple exercises physio's prescribe.

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